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NOTE: All prices are in Singapore Dollar.
Outfit Management Service
DPM provide full Outfit Management Services.
  1. To ensure vessel is aware of the availability of a new edition chart or publication.
  2. Enhance Safety of Navigation. Vessel will be supplied with the new edition charts and publications in advance and thus avoiding navigating with old edition charts and publications.
  3. With this service, it can be assured that during Port State Control Inspection, vessel has on board the latest edition charts and publications. No old edition will be found by the Port State Control Inspection to be still used on board.
  1. Charts/Publications Audit List, which is a complete list of all charts and publications with their latest edition date, will be sent on board.
  2. The ship’s officer will record the edition date of the charts and publications on board on the “Ship’s Edition” column.
  3. On completion, vessel sends back to us the list.
  4. We will key the data into our computer system.
  5. We will evaluate which charts and publications are relevant for the trading pattern. Those not relevant will be marked in our computer system as “Inactive”.
  6. When we have the full list of charts and publications that are relevant for the trading pattern, we will evaluate which is out-dated.
  7. We will advise your office the cost for the supply of the new edition charts and publications to replace the old edition board.
  8. On your office approval, we will supply the first new edition charts and publications.
  9. The vessel is now on the new edition replacement scheme.
  10. New Edition Charts and Publications will now be automatically supplied to the vessel via arrangement with your office. Vessel need not place an order for it.
  1. We maintain the vessel’s charts/publications inventory in our computer system. The records will be updated by us each time a chart/publication is supplied or ordered by vessel.
  2. We post the charts and publications inventory record on our website: www.dpmsingapore.com.sg. Via a password, you can have access and view the charts and publications inventory records of your fleet. Please see sample 5.
  1. Charts/Publications Index File

    This file provided by us, is like an inventory list. It lists all the charts, publications and its edition date the vessel has on board.

    The records will be kept updated by us. Each time a new edition chart or publication is supplied, we will update the edition date in our computer system. Also, each time an additional chart or publication is ordered by the vessel, we will insert it into the list.

    The updated list will be sent on board quarterly.

    The Master will discard the old list from the file and replace it with the new list.

  2. Chart Correction List (See Sample 1)

    This is sent weekly with the Notices to Mariners and Chart Correction Tracings if the NTM & Tracings are supplied by us.

    It assists the ship’s officer in chart correction.

    It lists all the charts the vessel has on board that need to be corrected that week.

    After the chart is corrected, the date of completion is recorded under the column “DATE SHIP EDITION CHECKED & CORRECTION DONE”. Always check the edition date of your chart against our latest edition to ensure you have the latest edition charts on board.

    The chart correction list should be kept in a file on board for inspection.

  3. Correction Sheet For List of Lights & Radio Signals (See Sample 2).

    This is reproduced by us from the Notices to Mariners.

    Instead of cutting the Notices to Mariners to correct the List of Lights and Radio Signals, the ship’s officer uses our Correction Sheet.

    The Notices to Mariners is thus kept intact for future reference.

  4. Chart & Publication Correction Certificate (See Sample 3).

    This certificate is to be signed by the ship’s officer and counter-signed by the Master to certify that all chart & publications corrections for that week has been completed. All old edition chart and publication have been removed from the bridge/wheelhouse to avoid being use by mistake or spotted by Port State Control Inspector.

    The ship’s copy should be kept in a file on board for inspection.

    The office’s copy should be mailed back to DPM Singapore for inspection by your office.

    2 BOON LEAT TERRACE #05-02/03/04
    SINGAPORE 119844

  5. New Edition Replacement Certificate (See Sample 4).

    A certificate will be issued by us to certify that the vessel has in place on board a system managed by DPM where relevant new edition charts and publications will be placed on board and a system of checking where charts/publications correction will be effected and also the old edition be removed from the wheelhouse to avoid being used by mistake. This system complies with the carriage of updated charts and publications required under the ISM regulations.

    This certificate will be renewed every year.

    Click here for Samples
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